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Restaurants 3rd Base LA in Los Angeles CA

3rd Base LA

Los Angeles, California, 90028

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Rated 3.3/5 (10 Reviews)
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Monday: 12PM-1AM
Tuesday: 12-10PM
Wednesday: 12-10PM
Thursday: 12-10PM
Friday: 12PM-2AM
Saturday: 11AM-2AM
Sunday: 11AM-9PM

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3rd Base LA
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1562 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90028
United States
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3rd Base LA Reviews

Submitted by Marti Deacon on 09/06/2022

Marti Deacon 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Went back and forth about whether or not to write this review.

I sat at the bar with a date, and the bartender seriously never approached us. We watched him walk around the bar numerous times, and each time we would get passed by or told he'd be right with us. When he did come over, and said "oh sorry about that". We eventually got our drinks, but before we could ask for a menu, he walked away with the credit card. I then noticed our drinks came in plastic cups, while everyone else at the bar was drinking out of glass. (This is important later on). I thought this was weird, and very disappointing.

A barback walked by, and although he was kind enough to hand us menus, he handed us happy hour and dinner menus that weren't available during the labor holiday. When we were able to flag down the bartender to ask, he rolled his eyes, asked where we got it, replaced it and left us again. We would have ordered food, but I felt like we should take our business elsewhere.

As we were walking out, I turned to look at the clientele on the other side of the bar, and I noticed one other person had a plastic cup, and that was a black man. I didn't mention, but I was on a date with a black man. I really hate to say it, and you can read other reviews I've written, but I've never experienced that before, and I hope the restaurant takes a good look at how their staff interact with their guests, and I would recommend you take your business elsewhere, just to be on the safe side.

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Submitted by Rochelle J. on 08/27/2022

Rochelle J. 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Had a fantastic experience! One little hiccup but overall great. Made reservations online, although I didn't know you don't need reservations to sit at the bar. Was greeted & seated immediately. Nicole was our server. She was friendly, answered all our questions about the menu, & was attentive. Our food was delicious, hot, fresh, & the presentation was nice.
So maybe not 1 hiccup but a few. We did pay $14 for parking. As we were walking into the restaurant we had to pass a homeless woman doing drugs in plain sight (& I'm not talking about weed). And finally, our server mixed up our bill. While it was taken care of, it was a little bit of a hassle and I felt could've been take care of in a more timely manner.
But overall loved the atmosphere, they had music playing but not too loud so you can't talk. Also they had sports on the tv. & they have a happy hour!
We would both definitely come back!

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Submitted by Astrid A on 08/24/2022

Astrid A 1 stars rating.

Overall Rating

took 15 minutes after ordering a drink (literally just a coke) for them to finally tell me they didn’t have anymore, then another 10 to tell me they didn’t have the second option (a jarritos) ): then everyone at my table had gotten their food and I couldn’t seem to find a waitress to ask what was going on with my food. When I finally got my food, the tater tots were great! But the chicken in my sandwich was dry and gross, I couldn’t eat it. Would have probably ordered something else, except our waitress never came back. I could hear her other tables wondering where she was too.

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Submitted by Alice M on 08/21/2022

Alice M 2 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Went in on taco Tuesday margarita happy hour. We sat at the bar and were seemingly ignored by three people who stood right in front of us. Furthermore the music was incredibly loud and just the look of the food was very unappetizing. We ended up leaving. Not in a rush to try it out further.

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Submitted by George Miles on 08/02/2022

George Miles 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

The head bartender here is awesome. I never caught his name but his knowledge of the food and drinks menu is flawless and he is so welcoming and great to talk to. Very cool atmosphere in the weekend as a nightclub. But also great as a bar for a bite to eat and a beer. Thank you.

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Submitted by K Sarti on 07/28/2022

K Sarti 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I will definitely be coming back for that Patron Tower! The food is amazing and the atmosphere was really cool. I liked this spot because of the amazing happy hour deals and broad menu options. The fries, sliders and onion rings are sensational. Parking is hard to find (typical LA) but I still love this spot! It’s even better visiting during a sporting event???????? can’t wait to come back!!

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Submitted by Evelyn N on 05/21/2022

Evelyn N 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

3rd Base has a pretty cool atmosphere to it and was a nice place to go to for a night out. Food was pretty good and drinks were too! Late on a Friday night they are busy but they take reservations I believe so you can plan ahead. The things that definitely changed the mood was the service and cleanliness. The tables they sat us at were dirty and weren’t cleaned until we asked. Bathroom was the worst though. Actual stall had trash piling up and things all over the floor.

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Submitted by Andrew Hjorth on 04/25/2022

Andrew Hjorth 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great evening atmosphere. Super friendly staff and very clean. Now let’s talk food. Super satisfying, good portions and great flavors. The waitress wasn’t wearing much, which was kinda uncomfortable. But it was worth the price tag.

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Submitted by Omar Alvarez on 04/25/2022

Omar Alvarez 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food is great and employees are really nice! I came on a Saturday during lunch and it was full, but not overly so. The food came out quick and it was delicious! The drink selection is great and the TV views are great from every angle.

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Submitted by Anika Ampadu on 07/18/2021

Anika Ampadu 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I went to 3rd base on a weekend afternoon. It's conveniently located 5 minutes down the street from Hollywood Blvd. I was grateful that there wasn't a wait so we were able to be seated right away. We went at 4pm and were told that we'd only be able to booth until 6pm. I assume it must turn into a party/club scene in the evening but that was fine because we only wanted to get a quick bite and keep exploring the area.

We waited about 10-15 minutes before we were even greeted by our waitress. We were told she apparently was still on break and hadn't seen us. Which I honestly wouldn't completely blame her, it must've been a lack of communication between her and the host + hostess but still it was annoying. We were literally seated right in front of the hostess table so to me common sense is if you don't at least see water on the table (of customers you just sat) perhaps you should check up on the customers.

When we finally did get service 15 minutes later we were able to place our food order. I ordered the waffle fries, Buffalo sliders and mango habanero wings and my bf ordered the Philly cheesesteaks sliders. My food came out pretty fast but another slip up unfortunately.. they didn't bring out the Philly sliders. We had to reorder and eventually all of our food came out. Overall the food was pretty good, so no complaints there. It was more so the lack of service at this restaurant.

This is definitely a party kind of atmosphere, a nice looking venue with loud music and a pretty nice looking cocktail menu. It's seems like a fun place to go with a group of friends but not exactly a place I'd rave about.

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