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Las Tortas Perronas Reviews

Submitted by John Calk on 02/05/2020

John Calk 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I love finding hidden gems like this. Each bite made me think I was transported south of the boarder. The artisans of Las Tortas Perronas know how to construct a torta.

It starts with the bread, which is made from scratch in house, to form the perfect sized bun. Not too dense, but full enough to satiate a big appetite. From there they assemble your chosen ingredients, a combination of meats and cheeses from the vast menu, and cook them on the flat top while the bun toasts. With the bread the perfect amount of crisp and pliable, they finish building your work of art torta with the standard toppings: beans, avocado, chopped onions, tomatoes, mayo, and jalapeno peppers.

They have funny signs all over the restaurant indicating their disdain for the use of lettuce on Tortas. The chipotle based salsa used as a topper ingredient was refreshing. Not a fan of how restaurants have used the pepper as of late, it was nice to taste a salsa that had some heat, and didn't try to over work its flavor.

Everything about this place was spot on. Highly recommend coming to Las Tortas Perronas if you are visiting the Houston area. It is worth the adventure, to find the foodie treasure.

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David Pham 5 stars rating.

Nut allergy friendly, none in sight here.

This place is like the Lexus of tortas. The food is a 5/5 quick meal but I would say a 4/5 on price. Paying $12 for a torta seems criminal, even if the torta is filled with great ingredients and fluffy yet light bread. Nice that chips are included. Weird that water seems to be an extra charge. I had the Nortena and it was a great torta, but considering I can get a torta for half the price at some other local places, difficult to say if I'd come back regularly. 100% would take someone coming to try an authentic torta.

Submitted by David Pham on 08/18/2022

Nancy Tran 5 stars rating.

I remember when Las Tortas Perronas was a cool hole in the wall before it gained its popularity. Now don't get me wrong, it's still a hidden hole in the wall gem. I even missed my turn on my way there.

My boyfriend and I recently made homemade tortas for dinner and I realized there was a place that specializes in tortas. I sent him the yelp link and we had planned on going on a Sunday. Turns out they are closed!

June 29, 2022
Since we weren't able to go on Sunday, we finally made our way on Wednesday night. I definitely missed my turn coming here, so that really lets you know it's hidden gem.

Once we got here, we were the only ones at 7pm, which was nice. Had the place to ourselves.

What we ordered:

- steak and chopped pork chop. I thought this was a pretty solid first choice. It was meaty, and had really great flavor. Add the two hot sauce, and it made it even better.

- my boyfriend ordered this. Chorizo and breaded skirt steak. I personally liked this one the best, after taking a bite. And so did my boyfriend. The chorizo gave it that OOMPH it was so flavorful and every bite gave you something to smile about

My BF and I couldn't stop talking about how good the bread was. Though it was thin, it was so crunchy and soft. It reminds you of a good po' boy bread.

If I was really hungry, I probably could have inhaled another one. And that's exactly what my BF did. He ordered HAWAIANA

- I can see how this is a top favorite. Every bite had a good chopped up ham pieces and pork chop pieces. The ham reminds you of the cubed pieces in a nicely egg omelette. He ate half and took the one half for lunch.

We ordered two agua Frescas and man oh man you can tell how freshly made it is cause of the froth on top. My BF ordered the pineapple and I ordered the watermelon. Ugh I'm still thinking about it.

When we got to the car, my BF had the biggest smile on his face. He told me that, that was the BEST Torta he's had in his life. I mean, it was enough for him to buy another after inhaling his first one. So it was only fitting for me to write this review immediately. When your Mexican boyfriend approves.

We're already making plans to come back.

Submitted by Nancy Tran on 07/03/2022

Diana Cloud 5 stars rating.

Idk why there isn’t a review from me ???? these are the best tortas. I loveee the bread they use, tastes freshly baked. My go-to is the perrona, with the jamón avocado, pork meat That gets so crispy and some chipotle. Haven’t been to Mexico City in a while, but these are the most legit you’ll get here. Also It’s a plus that the owner it super kind!

Submitted by Diana Cloud on 05/23/2022

Gregory Segura Chang 5 stars rating.

Came for the first time , and randomly came across it on google maps , super great customer service and super friendly. The doble asada con queso was amazing , and the agua frescas were really good. Will definitely come back soon

Submitted by Gregory Segura Chang on 05/19/2022

Concep Hernandez 1 stars rating.

My first time to dine in my bread was soggy and only one tomato To much onion the cheese was just slap on one side to spend $30 for 2 drinks and 2 tortas not happy

Submitted by Concep Hernandez on 01/25/2022

Carlos Molina 5 stars rating.

The agua frescas had actual fruit, I knew it was going to be quality by that alone. Had the super cubana and la camelia. Both were delicious with fresh ingredients, doesn’t get any better.

Submitted by Carlos Molina on 11/17/2021

Phil Morales 5 stars rating.

I love this place, they make only one thing , TORTAS! The bread tastes fresh and so many ootions to keep it different. We recently went and were able to eat inside. Great food, Aguas and great prices.

Submitted by Phil Morales on 11/29/2020

Jimmy Hernandez 5 stars rating.

One of the best tortas I've ever had here in the U.S. It was my first time and had the Torta Perrona, but I'm definitely coming back to try the rest. Prices were between $7-$10. Authentic Mexican sodas & aguas frescas.

Submitted by Jimmy Hernandez on 09/11/2019