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El Tiempo Cantina - Westheimer Reviews

Submitted by Brenda George on 06/15/2022

Brenda George 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

What Beautiful meal and Margaritas at El Tiempo Cantina service and food was Absolutely the Best… would recommend to try so so Good ???? ❤️

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Mourica Sentine-George 5 stars rating.

I had the vegetarian fajitas and they were delish!!! The guac is good as well. I love how they place the toppings on the guac so you can mix in whatever you’d like. Oh, DO NOT FORGET THE QUESO!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Mourica Sentine-george on 09/14/2022

Liz S. S. 5 stars rating.

We loved this place. Food was great. Service 100%

Submitted by Liz S. S. on 08/21/2022

Butters 4 stars rating.

Great place next to where I live. This is the same great food at all El Tiempo places. However (and I could be wrong) but it felt like their menu is more limited in options. Their drinks only come in one size. In the other place I could get jumbo margaritas… but they tasted good.

Submitted by Butters on 07/28/2022

Joseph Ray Diosana 5 stars rating.

#JoeFoodTour we ❤️????✅????love El Tiempo for TexMex. This location in particular is our go to when we want the best queso and the margaritas. Boston’s finest real estate agent Chuck Silverston came down for one night specifically to get a quick turnaround on his passport for his international trip. He says this is the best queso he has ever had. The fajitas and margaritas are #phenomenal.
#HowdyFromHouston #ThePropertyJoes

Submitted by Joseph Ray Diosana on 06/29/2022

Chibueze Onwere 4 stars rating.

Food and service was great! Just a tad bit on the pricey side for what I ordered. Besides that, no complaints.

Submitted by Chibueze Onwere on 06/22/2022

Kiran Movva 5 stars rating.

Had carnitas from here for the first time. While expensive at 31$, it was a substantial quantity meal - combining the fixings, sauteed veggies, tortillas, and chips, it will easily feed two people no problem. The carnitas were perfectly done - soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside.

Submitted by Kiran Movva on 05/30/2022

Sam Wolcott 5 stars rating.

We visit with our kids every Thursday evening. The staff is wonderful and kind. I love the fish tacos and the margaritas are the best in the world. ** no really, I’ve tried them all **

We love, the waiter, Aiden. He’s so patient with the kids and is constantly anticipating their needs. He makes it easier for mama to have a marg! My son is a spiller so Aiden made this to go container into a totally spill proof cup for him complete with cut short straw! Thank you!

Submitted by Sam Wolcott on 05/15/2022

Vic S 4 stars rating.

Food was great. The Quail were perfect and the drinks were pretty tasty. I would come here again. The only things I would change is the volume of the music and the valet.
The music was so loud it made the people around us scream to talk to the others at their table. In turn it makes you scream at the folks at your table.
They charge you to park and eat? Interesting.

Submitted by Vic S on 03/17/2022

Schmysic 1 stars rating.

My ground beef taco was bland.
It was definitely not an $8 taco
and the server informed me the price had just been raised to $10 per taco a la carte!????
Decent drink prices but for food
my money is better spent else where!

Submitted by Schmysic on 02/16/2022