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Cielito Cafe Reviews

Submitted by Martha Guerrero on 08/04/2022

Martha Guerrero 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Food was so good. And the cucumber drink my favorite. Only issue is the parking lot, towing vehicles if you park in the parking lot right next to them. Ala says safe to park in the street. Luckily i was able to park right in front of the restaurant, the safest parking spot

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Ricardo Solis 1 stars rating.

My name is Ricardo. This situation happened on 8/7/22. Food was good as recommended. Awful service. They were skipping me on the waiting list. When I realized that they seated a party of two that arrived to the place later than me I decided to go inside and take a quick picture of the waiting list. I was right, they were skipping me because I was only a one single customer. Then because they saw me taking that picture they gave me a big table for five people. Why they didn't give me the small table in first place? Why they waited until I went inside to take that picture?? Because they were skipping me! They made me feel so discriminated. They probably think that the money of one single customer is not worth it to them. Sadly but truly.

Submitted by Ricardo Solis on 08/15/2022

Christina Ferraz 5 stars rating.

SO happy to support a Latinx-owned business in Houston. From the food to the waiters singing along with ranchero music from the speakers all of Cielito Cafe is authentically Mexican and there is not a drop of queso to be found on their menu. The restaurant is located in a quaint baby blue bungalow in a Montrose neighborhood with a ramp outside to make the restaurant ADA accessible.

For a classic order the divorciados and you can have you eggs made however you like. For something sweet try the cajeta toast. For something both sweet, savory, and Instagram-worthy, go for the concha sandwich. They have aguas frescas (when we went it was melon and pepino), amazing coffees like caramelo (an iced caramel coffee) and freshly squeezed juices.

Parking can be challenging and the parking lot attached to the restaurant belong to The Guild Shop. FYI you will be towed if you park there any day other than Sunday.

Also, it gets really busy for lunch. You can avoid the wait by coming for breakfast. I’ve been twice to this restaurant this week alone and already can’t wait to go back.

Submitted by Christina Ferraz on 07/21/2022

Jessica Balderas 3 stars rating.

My only reason for 3 stars is July in Houston and the place needs AC. Need to improve HVAC ASAP!! After a long wait in the heat outside you expect to cool off inside but NO. Food is great but honestly couldn't really enjoy it do to feeling uncomfortable and hot. Its a nice cute place and staff is very friendly will go back once the weather is pleasant or they improve AC unit. Oh, the cajeta toast are delicious!

Submitted by Jessica Balderas on 07/10/2022

Roberto Farias 4 stars rating.

Over all a great place to grab a bite to eat but really small. The wait staff do a good job of QCing the kitchens work because they took back my wife plate because it was missing the pico. I think the kitchen staff didn’t communicate to the wait staff why because it turns out that the pico was bad. My wife managed to take it off and it didn’t effect the overall flavor of her meal. My concha also had a piece of chorizo on it which is weird because it doesn’t come with chorizo as you can see in the picture ( the lone brown spot ). I guess if you have any food allergies and need to avoid certain foods this is not the place you should go.

Portions are big enough that you have the right amount of room leftover for dessert which the churros were pretty good.

Took the one star away again just because food prep was not the best. The surprise chorizo on my plate and the bad pico on my wife’s.

Submitted by Roberto Farias on 06/29/2022

Monica Amaya 5 stars rating.

Cozy little place to have breakfast or brunch. You gotta go early though because it gets packed. Their food is super delicious and their staff is super friendly too.

Submitted by Monica Amaya on 06/11/2022

Golden Eye 5 stars rating.

Cute little local restaurant set in a bungalow with outdoor seating. Went for breakfast and food was really fresh and tasty. Appreciated the fact that you could customize your order to remove any dairy elements like cheese or cream for those of us who are lactose intolerant. If visiting for the first time, it’s important to note that this place is super popular and the wait can be really long and there is no parking.

Submitted by Golden Eye on 05/28/2022

Dahlia Salazar 4 stars rating.

The food is always flavorful, the service attentive and kind - the host remembers names well! I am eager for a larger building one day as it can become quite cozy with little room to maneuver when it can be quite busy and there is usually a wait, but it is worth it for how quickly you are served and the refreshments they offer during your wait. Take care not to park in the lot near it, that is reserved for the Guild next door, which is a great place to stop by when you have finished eating at Cielito!

Submitted by Dahlia Salazar on 05/24/2022

Jason “Jay B” 4 stars rating.

This place gives you the feeling of a nice home mexican cook breakfast meal. This cafe is actually a house! The sercice was quick and the food was great. Price is firm but park spots is bot so big. The place is small but the enivorment vibe makes you feel homie and welcomed. I would come here again and definately recommend this place for a traditional mexican breafast meal. Please Follow, Share and Like for more #JaysTrueRatings

Submitted by Jason “jay B” on 05/24/2022

Relii Cabrales 5 stars rating.

My friend brought me to this cute place and I am glad she did, the place is adorable and the service was great. We sta outside because it was a beautiful day and they had big umbrellas to cover the patio so that was nice. They took our orders quickly and they came out quick as well, everything was fresh and delicious with so much flavors and it tasted very authentic. The service was great from start to finish. The only downside is the parking and the one restroom for the busy people that come to the establishment. Other than that definitely recommend this place and I will be back.

Submitted by Relii Cabrales on 03/29/2022