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Captain Toms Seafood & Oyster Bar Reviews

Submitted by Annette Rios on 05/22/2022

Annette Rios 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Johnathan at the bar is always exceptional with his service! Takes care of us as soon as we sit down, food comes out in a timely manner. The oysters are big, fresh and delicious! Would recommend the crab fingers ????????

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Heather McDaniel 5 stars rating.

This is the perfect place for fresh oysters and seafood! They prepare the oysters right at the bar and have great cocktail sauce and tarter sauce. We got a cup of their amazing gumbo and shared the seafood platter and added an extra stuffed crab because they are amazing! It's sometimes hard to get a spot on the bar but they serve you quickly and our food was piping hot! The hush puppies were tasty and looked like people love the micheladas with oysters and shrimp mixed in. They also have on special the whole flounder which looked delicious! If you're looking for fancy, this isn't it, but for good tasting, fairly priced seafood in a fun atmosphere, this is the place!

Submitted by Heather Mcdaniel on 08/04/2022

Shakirah Harrell 4 stars rating.

Nice place.. very busy during lunch.. as expected.. service was fast..
The drink of most locals "modelo with shrimp and raw oyster."..very popular....

Submitted by Shakirah Harrell on 07/22/2022

Javier Avellan 5 stars rating.

We don't come here often enough... Great food, awesome service, amazing prices. We typically have a dozen or two of the oysters on the halfshell, hush puppies and fries. Today we went with a delicious salt and pepper flounder. Absolutely wonderful!

Submitted by Javier Avellan on 07/10/2022

Nina L B Gallow 3 stars rating.

The fried fish and shrimp were bland. No seasoning or salt. Liked the stuffed Crab because of the flavor. I liked the seating arrangement, but you'd have to arrive early to get a seat. It was crowded, but concept of the boat was a good idea.

Submitted by Nina L B Gallow on 06/25/2022

Gina Reinke 4 stars rating.

Must not b season for oysters. Was little but still yummy. Great place for seafood. Will come back for sure ????

Submitted by Gina Reinke on 06/05/2022

Dylan Rawline 5 stars rating.

Great place to go for simply prepared seafood. Expect it to be busy, really really, busy. If you don't go early, you'll wait for a spot. If you go in the mid day maybe you'll have a chance to get a spot. If you go for dinner, expect to wait. Just rebuilt into much more seating. They could have done a better job on the construction. It looks like it's 30 years old. But it's only about 7 years old. You order at the oyster bar and pay at the register. It's almost on the honor system

Submitted by Dylan Rawline on 04/19/2022

Linh Pham 3 stars rating.

Fried catfish was not flavorful. Could add little more salt and some spices to mask the "River weed" aroma. I will stick with catfish that is Cajun flavore and grilled or blackened. Their seafood gumbo (crab and shrimp) was excellent with just a perfect and a hint of bay leaves. Staff was friendly and efficient.

Submitted by Linh Pham on 03/07/2022

Sean McDaniel 5 stars rating.

If you like "Dives" like I do then this is the place for you. It's packed and the pace behind the counter is quick. Eating on the "island" is at a premium, and requires waiting, so eating around the outside was our option.
Service is shouting your order over the people around the middle and reaching over same when food is ready. Checkout is telling the cashier what you ordered.
Food is amazing, we had the gumbo and stuffed crabs.
I love this place and the people who frequent are no-nonsense, low maintenance, and friendly.
I can't wait to go back.

Submitted by Sean Mcdaniel on 12/24/2021

Alex Ong 5 stars rating.

Consistently delicious. I've been coming here for years and I've never had a bad meal. My favorite is the "fried special" which is fried shrimp and oysters. The menu says 3 oysters but it's always 6-8. I've never had fried seafood this crispy but also this juicy on the inside. Best fried seafood west of the Sabine River.

Submitted by Alex Ong on 12/16/2021

David Wenworth 5 stars rating.

Food is delicious, the atmosphere is always really busy and not a lot of places to sit so there may be a wait line during busy weekend lunch time. They have amazing fried shrimp served with fries, their gumbo is also delicious.

Submitted by David Wenworth on 09/25/2021

Lucky Luciano 5 stars rating.

I always enjoy coming here, been visiting Captain Toms locations for over 10 years now. The setup is shaped like a boat inside with bar going all around. Seating is close to one another but everyone manages to fit.(no fine dining here lol) I go for their catfish, shrimp,fries, stuffed shrimp jalapeños with crab meat, stuffed crabs, hushpuppies and don't forget the micheladas. Price is good for what you get but it can add up in a hurry. I highly recommend to dine in versus taking it home. One of the best seafood restaurants of all time.

Submitted by Lucky Luciano on 09/07/2021