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Blue Onyx Bistro Reviews

Submitted by Na Ta on 08/27/2021

Na Ta 3 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Pretty decode, easy street access and parking. Food is good and displayed beautifully. I’ve been going there since they first opened. The owner and staff used to be very accommodating and friendly. But not this last time. There were not very busy at lunch, but the waiter seemed to be in hurry to get rid of us. Plates were take away before we finished eating and no water/ice tea refills were offered.

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Molly Vu 5 stars rating.

I came to this restaurant with my boyfriend and had king of the sea, my boyfriend had the lamb chop and both dishes were amazing. My server was so nice, so helpful. Such a lovely place!

Submitted by Molly Vu on 07/08/2022

Laurie E 5 stars rating.

This is probably the BEST dinner I’ve ever eaten! I came to get Sushi but a customer nearby said “Get the Crab cakes!” So I did. OMG! ❤️❤️ I also had the seafood chowder and even the bread was delicious! I’m coming back with my family! AWESOME! ????????

Submitted by Laurie E on 06/22/2022

Paulina Tran 4 stars rating.

My family and I went here to celebrate Mother’s Day. It surprisingly wasn’t overbooked with reservations. The service was friendly, but a little slow. The menu is huge. I had the seafood pasta. It was filled with seafood, but the pasta was too thick. The calamari and bread were very good! My family liked their meal as well.

Submitted by Paulina Tran on 05/10/2022

Anthony Chan 3 stars rating.

The restaurant has many bottles wine displayed. But when I asked for a wine list, the server told me they didn't have one. I believed it was a language issue. The look and feel of this place is very much fine dining. But the servers failed to match the expectations. Incident 1: when ordered an appetizer dish, server said it's sold out because that large table ordered a lot of this dish. Incident 2: I had a 4 tops. It's unacceptable (for me) to see a fine dining restaurant to "auction" off the dishes when they arrive. I.e. "who has the steak? Who ordered the pasta?" It doesn't take much to note down seat 1 ordered which dish.

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As for the food, they are very well placed. The quality and taste of the good is good! Despite the mishaps started above, I would still recommend this place, especially if you are into seafood.

Submitted by Anthony Chan on 05/03/2022

Ms Hess 5 stars rating.

Came in for lunch, and they had amazing food and very reasonable price. Randy was a great server. I had the Flounder with Crab, and it was tasty! I will be coming back for more!

Submitted by Ms Hess on 04/07/2022

Kay Lafleur 4 stars rating.

Beautiful decor and very attentive waiter staff. When we arrived it was only us and another couple. The bread and water was served less than one minute of us being seated. For an appetizer we had the Stick Ribs which was very delicious. For entrée I had the Grouper with Scallops and Spinach and a Pomegranate Mojito. The Mojito was too strong for my liking so I didn't drink it. My husband had the Fried Shrimp and Fries. There was not many non alcoholic drinks to choose from only sodas which we don't really drink. So my husband only drink option was a HiC Pink lemonade. The food presentation was amazingly beautiful. Even though the Grouper and Scallops was good I believe it needed more herbs and spices to add more flavor. There is a mandatory 20% gratuity added to total. We wasn't aware of this until it was time to pay our bill but i figured maybe we overlooked it. For our meal we paid $113. Also I would suggest a more presentable menu presentation the ones we had was torn with tape holding it.

Submitted by Kay Lafleur on 03/20/2022

Chrishelle Mica 5 stars rating.

Absolutely a great experience
The staff was very friendly and frequently checked on us. We had the Spicy Octupus and Baked Oysters - amazing. We also had the Cajun Roll, Crunchy Roll and the Hot Sea Monster Roll. Great portions for the price and was very delicious! We cleaned out our plates.

Submitted by Chrishelle Mica on 02/07/2022

AJ Buadu 5 stars rating.

As someone who loves good seafood, this menu is Out of this world. I got a pomegranate mojito and squid ink pasta- both were Completely Delicious.
But I'm really here to talk about Our Service. It was IMPECCABLE. Timely, not too invasive but still Very Endearing and Engaging. They deserve every star.

Submitted by Aj Buadu on 01/25/2022

Caro On 4 stars rating.

I suggested Blue Onyx as a place to hold a farewell get together for a co-worker. I had the chop-rib and it was great. My partner had a wagyu and it was good too. Four stars because our server did not check on us at all and we were there for 3 hours. The gratuity, I do not like the fact that it is added to the bill, let me do the calculations. Cause I was gratuified 25%. I thought it was 18. Some of the people I went with did not enjoy their meals. But it was a great experience for me. The adult cocktails are good though, real potent.

Submitted by Caro On on 10/23/2021

Vincent Chee 5 stars rating.

I can easily say that this is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. The personal service is phenomenal. The interior decor is sleek and stylish. And the drinks are well balanced. But what really stands out is the ingenuity and creativity of the food.

A tuna and watermelon appetizer that gives the right balance of soft and crunch, savory and sweet.

A beautifully plated king crab dish that is complimented so well by a wasabi cucumber sauce.

Shaved truffle and scallops served on pasta made in-house, with a creamy truffle sauce. Truffles on truffles!

And arguably the best dish of the night — their ravioli. Stuffed with Ricotta cheese, and dressed in 3 seemingly conflicting yet wonderfully harmonious sauces: chili oil, black bean brown butter, and truffle sauce. The complexity and nuance of flavors that would appear to clash, yet end up working extremely well together is truly an experience to savor.

Executive Chef David Chang knows what he's doing - so glad I paid Blue Onyx a visit, and will certainly be back, hungry for more.

Submitted by Vincent Chee on 07/13/2021

Kelly Wen 5 stars rating.

I've had the best food of my life at Blue Onyx! The flavors, creativity, quality, and presentation of the food were amazing! The seafood tasted really fresh and I would highly recommend the chili oil ravioli dish and truffle pasta (handmade fresh noodles)! They were some of the many memorable dishes that I was surprised by! Customer service was also really amazing. I highly recommend eating here!

Submitted by Kelly Wen on 07/07/2021