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Bayou City Seafood & Pasta Reviews

Submitted by Coraline on 08/13/2021

Coraline 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Here is another place that I drive past often and never ventured to try. Truly my lose until now. My seafood plate was absolutely divine! I could tell by the way the aroma tickled by nose that it was going to be delicious and it most definitely was. Great restaurant. Very busy, a little noisy. However, the food will make it all worth while. I will be back!

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Wendy Reyes 5 stars rating.

Great restaurant.
Service and food were definitely 5-star.
The crawfish were cooked to perfection.
Tender and easy to peel.
The crab bisque was velvety and had tons of crab.
I also had a French 75 and it was also wonderful.

Submitted by Wendy Reyes on 06/21/2022

Fernando Gonzalez (Jay) 5 stars rating.

Amazing service!! Stoped by for lunch and ordered off the lunch menu - blackened chicken Po’ boy with red beans & rice and side of gumbo (ordered the chicken & sausage). The amount of food was more than I could consume on my own, surprisingly. Fortunately, coworker was there to share with.

The Po’ boy was delicious and I really enjoyed the red beans & rice. Loved it. The gumbo was okay, not my thing.

The inside is really nice, new and clean. Our server was very attentive and friendly. She was great.

Submitted by Fernando Gonzalez (jay) on 06/15/2022

Andrea Ziehm 5 stars rating.

Came from out of town based on a recommendation, and I couldn't have been more impressed. The food was fast and delicious! Adam is a great server--friendly, offered dish recommendations, quick refills, awesome at anticipating. I came back to my hotel with leftovers and felt so grateful that he thought to include cutlery as well!

Submitted by Andrea Ziehm on 05/23/2022

DaBossTrader Millionaire Trader 5 stars rating.

We went there for Crawfish. They didn't disappoint. My date and I loved them. The potatoes and corn were great as well. Excellent drinks, good service. Not much more we could ask for.

Submitted by Dabosstrader Millionaire Trader on 04/20/2022

Jeffrey Borkovich 5 stars rating.

Great Restaurant! Very well managed.

Place is immaculately clean, service way above average, and the food is Perfectly Prepared. Not too mention; the food comes out much faster than you would expect.

This is now my Favorite Seafood Restaurant in Houston.

Looking forward to visiting again!

Submitted by Jeffrey Borkovich on 04/16/2022

Kyle Hanks 4 stars rating.

I am from the Bayou in Louisiana. I have eaten authentic Cajun food for 35 years. My husband and I love the experience and the service was on point. The food was moist and fresh. Shame on you, the cook does use Cajun ingredients. The entrees names did not taste like any recipe I have tried. The boudin balls were more like fried dirty rice balls.

Submitted by Kyle Hanks on 04/14/2022

Kathryn Perez 4 stars rating.

Why am I just finding out about this restaurant. Food is seasoned very well, portions are large, I thought I was eating at my family house. Garlic bread is fresh, made sure you ask for some. Fried Alligator and cheese sticks were my choice for appetizers, was pleasing. Ceasar salad was enough for 2 people, lettuce was crispy and cold, dressing was more than enough. For my entree, I chose Snapper Remington, DELISH! That was very tasteful. Restrooms are clean ladies, very important. Definitely will return. Customer service was friendly but can improve, I think they were short handed which who isn't these days.

Submitted by Kathryn Perez on 02/05/2022

Mackle Haney 5 stars rating.

The Pasta Liberty is fantastic!! Order extra sauce on the side though. It's an extra charge but so delicious! Two people could easily share this dish! It even reheats great the next day with added sauce. Loved my meal here!

Submitted by Mackle Haney on 01/21/2022

Nicholas Ballif 5 stars rating.

Y'all are phenomenal. I got the alligator Po Boy which was fantastic and the seafood gumbo. Excellent and fast service, friendly staff and I will be back when I bring my family to visit from Utah.

Submitted by Nicholas Ballif on 09/12/2021

La-Kesha Hardeman 3 stars rating.

We went on a Friday night, Labor Day weekend and their was no wait. Hearty helping for one person. Honestly 2 people can share one plate. Seasoning was very good. Prices are a bit high, but for the amount of food you get it's worth.

Submitted by La-kesha Hardeman on 09/05/2021

Ms Benz 5 stars rating.

Wow! The food at Bayou City is fantastic. The outside appearance of the restaurant is very welcoming. It’s well maintained and we were seated right away. The rules of the restaurant is first come first serve they do not have any reservations list.
Happy hour is until 6 PM Great selection of beer and also they have wonderful lunch specials.
The food is really tasty. As an appetizer I ordered the fried calamari and it came with two sauces that were delicious. The quantity of the amounts of food were well portioned for everything. The crab bisque was wonderful. We also asked for garlic bread on the side which was complementary as long as you asked for it. The main dish pasta liberty was wonderful as well and easily can be split between two people. Loved the experience and will be coming back soon! PS: restrooms were clean!

Submitted by Ms Benz on 08/28/2021