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1751 Sea and Bar Reviews

Submitted by T P on 07/21/2022

T P 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We popped in here one day on our way home from Conroe not realizing it was more upscale. $300 later for 2 people and no regrets. Great service and food and will be back.... better dressed next time.

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CYNTHIA RATHBUN 5 stars rating.

One of the best meals I’ve ever had! We had the calamari, wood fire oysters, tuna tartine, scallops and mushrooms, and finished off with a banana split! Every plate was incredible! My husband and I shared the plates and left stuffed! We will definitely be coming back again next time we are in town!

Submitted by Cynthia Rathbun on 07/30/2022

D C 5 stars rating.

It’s a nice surprise place isolated, fresh seafood with great service. Plates are small portions, giving an option to share-taste, having a great experience.

Submitted by D C on 07/10/2022

Claire Bear 2 stars rating.

walked in without a reservation around 7pm today and it wasn't too busy. the host greeted me and i was able to get a table. so i sit down and no one comes to me for a good 5-10 minutes. then another host comes by and gives me the menu. weird but ok. as i am waiting, still no server. some guy asks me if im still good..? not sure if he was trying to take my order or anything, but overall i felt very unwelcomed.

Then the host who took me in, Sarah, she gets my order. again, odd, but okay. im thinking maybe they are short staffed?? decided to give them a benefit of the doubt and waited for food.

I ordered dozen gulf oysters and lobster. ive been eyeing this place for a while and i finally decide to come just to get disappointed.. gulf oysters were decent and the mkt salt and pepper lobster was eh for the price point. the lobster tail came fried. didn't expect that at all. and then some veggies on the side which was super salty and then some sauce that tasted rotten. at this point i just wanted to leave asap.

the food was brought to me by couple of servers, one of them being my server... funny because i had to ask if she is my server. she said yes. her name was megan.

unfortunately my experience here was awful. i cant relate to all these 5 star reviews about customer service nor food. seriously, i shouldve just went to pokeworks. i will not return.

Submitted by Claire Bear on 03/25/2022

Jay Gamble 5 stars rating.

The calamari is amazing, and the whole fried fish in the pics is not being given justice by the pics.its amazing. The drinks are overpriced and the deserts left much to be desired. Not bad, just nothing extraordinary. But really good experience. The customer service was top notch. Will definitely go again

Submitted by Jay Gamble on 03/19/2022

felicia sheppard 5 stars rating.

From the hostess to the drinks food and service everything was impeccable. This spot is very intimate. The old fashioned was Outstanding. We had 2 orders of the oysters that's how amazing they were. The main courses had parties going on in our mouths. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Submitted by Felicia Sheppard on 03/08/2022

Alexander Lach 4 stars rating.

Ok food elevated by amazing service. Tuna Tartine was delicious and beautiful, but overly salty. The crispy skin bass was well seasoned, but not really crispy. The chicken karage had great flavors but was soft, not fried as well as in some of Houston’s Chinatown restaurants. The exceptional service took this from 3 to 4 stars. Our waiter was magical, there when you needed him, out of the way when you didn’t. Exceptional service.

Submitted by Alexander Lach on 02/28/2022

Maria Fair 5 stars rating.

Brian our server was AMAZING! He was very attentive and his suggestions didn't disappoint. All of our food was visually pleasing and delicious. Deserves more than 5 stars

Submitted by Maria Fair on 01/15/2022

Bob Morgan 5 stars rating.

Oh my goodness this was ah-ma-zing! The potatoes were kind of my favorite, but everything was incredible. We got the bread service, tomato salad, king crab app, slow baked salmon, and fried shrimp. A brand new banana split for dessert. Maybe we had a few drinks too... Like a dirty martini and more...

Submitted by Bob Morgan on 10/30/2021

James Duplechian 5 stars rating.

Had early dinner about a week ago.

Atmosphere 5/5 - upscale interior with large bar area to the left as you come in and a small ice bar in the back for oysters, etc. Don’t recall if it had outdoor dining available.

Service 6/5 - I felt like from the time we sat down until the time we left we had great consistent service. They were happy to help us pair drinks with our appetizers and meal. We were offered samples of some of their other appetizers they offer, which were delicious. They informed us of what fish/oysters that were currently available and spoke to us about their seasonal menus that change.

Drinks 5/5 - The drinks were absolutely delicious and unique. They have some higher end bourbons that I saw and nice selection of wines.

Food 6/5 - Their menu items are basically broken down into appetizers, small plates and large plates. We started with a few appetizers (oysters and hamachi), which were fresh and perfect. We moved on to the mussels that were so tender and the broth was so good we had sop it up with our bread. Lastly we had the crispy skin bass and it was incredible. The skin so perfectly crispy, but the fish not over cooked. Dessert was a goat cheese white chocolate cheesecake that was so smooth and creamy.

It is a perfect date night destination. We can’t wait to go back.

Submitted by James Duplechian on 09/24/2021

Terri Griffin 2 stars rating.

I really wanted to like this restaurant. I LOVE seafood but we won’t be back. Service was marginal. Bread (which you pay for as a side) almost broke our teeth trying to eat it. The poke appetizer was good but I could not eat the tomato salad as it was way too tart. I had the salmon entree which was incredibly salty and raw. I like sushi but I don’t like expect a salmon entree to be completely raw.

Sorry… not my cup of tea and we won’t be back. I have a “no-repeat” list of Houston restaurants and this was just added

Submitted by Terri Griffin on 08/31/2021

Sybil Fisher Jamison 5 stars rating.

Absolutely amazing. Visited this restaraunt thirty minutes prior to closing and the service was superb. Our waiter was simply amazing, he made all our drink selections and they were amazing. The food was great. If you want quality seafood that is fresh this is your place. The bass was amazing. The chargrilled oysters, the grilled octopus, cauliflower delicious. However I was thrilled to see snow pea leaves on the menu and they were cooked to perfection , the potato dish simply amazing. We finished with the goat cheese cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake both were amazing. Some restaurants have great food and then the dessert selection is marginal.
This place excellent drinks, foods, desert and don’t let me forget the service.
Worth every penny.
Thank you for an excellent dinner.

Submitted by Sybil Fisher Jamison on 08/21/2021