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TOP GUN Bar Reviews

Submitted by Taieja Cook on 01/12/2022

Taieja Cook 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I got the burnt in the coleslaw and onion rings with a slice of bread. The burnt ends were super moist less burn end and more chopped brisket but the fat on it was beautiful. The decor was old and funky and cluttered and really cool to look at however if you do have sensory overload in might be a little overwhelming. The food was great but I took mines to go.

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RedBullKC 5 stars rating.

Same bartender for 25 years! This famous "watering hole" has a wealth of history and nostalgia! If you get the opportunity to sit at the bar, do so! It'll make all the difference in your meal! To see the piano and posted photos of the "Top Gun" movie ???? filmed the bar scene at this location, makes people smile, laugh and try to reenact the scenes! It's awesome! Oh, the food, the brisket, "burnt ends" are OUTSTANDING with the exact proper name, "Kansas City BBQ!" You'll be combined you're in KC! The seating is limited so be ready to wait!

Submitted by Redbullkc on 09/17/2022

darkart pro 5 stars rating.

Well it's top gun ..it's a bar and it's freezing awesome !!! Soooo cool, great food but really it's the bar where maverick and goose had a sing song ..pure movie nostalgia

Submitted by Darkart Pro on 08/18/2022

Rich Watson 4 stars rating.

Ambiance is great. Food, above average. Service, friendly but notoriously slow. Two tables next to us left because nobody served them for an extended period. We will return and love both convenience and the history.

Submitted by Rich Watson on 08/01/2022

Karen Terry 5 stars rating.

The atmosphere was fun, bartender Mark was great. My food was excellent. Loved knowing Top Gun was filmed there!! Such a cool place.

Submitted by Karen Terry on 07/22/2022

Ali Mendoza 1 stars rating.

Very disappointed. Burnt onions rings, dry pork ribs & waterdown fountain drinks. Fries were ok they tasted like Dennys.

I also order mac and cheese and it was nasty tasted reheated. The BBQ sauce was water downed. The only OK thing was the Brisket and the hot links; Rating them at 5/10.

The wait time was like 45min and my server was rude.

"Overrated thanks to the Top Gun Hype", This place is trash.

Submitted by Ali Mendoza on 06/28/2022

Gregg Fajardo 5 stars rating.

Yeah Haven't Been Here in Awhile. I Ordered The Beef Brisket Plate & A Couple Of Red Trolley's. Oh Boy Still Delicious & The Bartender Was On His Game Never Missing A Beat. Yup Come Alone, Meet Some Friends Or Bring A Date. Yeah It Don't Matter They Will Hook It Up! Yup You Can Watch A Padres Or A Play Off Game. Oh If You Know How Play The Piano & Have Courage, I Say Hop On The Piano Do Your Thing!

Submitted by Gregg Fajardo on 06/14/2022

ADAM ORRISS 4 stars rating.

It was better than expected, it’s really big inside & has lots of memorabilia from the film. I really liked it. The food was ok, not gourmet but that’s not what you go there for. We were a large group and enjoyed the night.

Submitted by Adam Orriss on 01/11/2022

Stephanie Redder 5 stars rating.

Fun atmosphere! A great experience if you loved the movie Top Gun. Chris the bartender made it fun. He suggested great beers and recommend the wings which were excellent! Very filling and a wonderful smoked flavor. I felt like a local but I was a great visit! Would come here again and again.

Submitted by Stephanie Redder on 01/05/2022

LC Abarca 5 stars rating.

Absolutely what we expected! Great service, people and ambiance ???? We wanted to try everything, but we ended up sharing the "works!" We also ordered extra appetizers to complete the lunch craving ???? Order the Top Gun ???? ???? Hubby asked for the souvenir items and we bought a few ????#greatballsoffire

Submitted by Lc Abarca on 01/03/2022