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Paradise Lounge & Grill Reviews

Submitted by John Sielaff (OBTG) on 04/13/2022

John Sielaff (OBTG) 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Came here on a Tuesday for some drinks. Didn't realize it was taco ???? night ($2/ea). They were delicious. I got 2 fish tacos ???? You can get them with a soft or crispy shell.

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Doug Young 4 stars rating.

A very nice place to eat...with daily specials and a full bar to boot! Paradise is also apley named to be sure! They've got the whole kit and kaboodle here...from pool tables to big TV's...Excellent service from their many lovely waitresses...not to mention the food! It's damn good...and its fresh! Nothing last long round here, it's a fast-paced place to eat that keeps it moving and the music loud! ???? I'll take 2 tickets to Paradise...you should too!!

Submitted by Doug Young on 07/26/2022

Alison witt 5 stars rating.

Had 4 tacos (2 shrimp, 1 carne asada, 1 pork barbacoa). All delicious but the shrimp was outstanding!!

Submitted by Alison Witt on 06/14/2022

Charles Smith 4 stars rating.

Been going to Paradise for years, it's kind of become the default Friday night hangout so you'll see a lot of regulars. It shares a parking lot with deja vu so parking can sometimes be a hassle. If you get there later in the evening past 9:00 p.m. drinks are well priced and food is adequate, however, the kitchen does close at 9:00 p.m. as well. Amenity wise, there are plenty of TVs around the bar that are usually playing sports or something like fail army to grab your attention. There's a jukebox that can be controlled via an app, a singular pool table, pinball machine hunting game and darts.

Submitted by Charles Smith on 06/06/2022

Jeremiah Heine 5 stars rating.

Stopped in for a beer before I went to the airport. The place was crazy and Courtney (I hope I spelled it right) was the bartender. She was all over the place, busy as hell, and still an absolute sweetheart. Next time I’m in town I’ll be back for a cold one because of her. Seriously she’s awesome.

Submitted by Jeremiah Heine on 05/05/2022

ask the neighbor 5 stars rating.

Best fish and chips in Dago. Stiff drinks and hot chick's.

Submitted by Ask The Neighbor on 04/05/2022

Jason Krueger 5 stars rating.

Driven past hundreds of times. Never stopped in until last night. Met up with some friends there. My kinda bar. Chill, friendly vibe. Decent tequila selection and generous pour. I'll definitely be back!

Submitted by Jason Krueger on 03/22/2022

Michael Simons 5 stars rating.

Really chill hole in the wall bar. I don't drink alcohol but the buddy I went with does so we orders tacos, I had a soda, he had a few beers and we just played pool. Admittedly took over an hour before they brought our food order over but they were really swamped to. But they were prompt to get my friend his drinks. Lol. I had fun though. Kinda. Lol. Not really my jam but. It was fun. Lol

Submitted by Michael Simons on 03/15/2022

Christine Reed 5 stars rating.

Really cozy spot with good music and even better food and drinks. Server's are extremely friendly

Submitted by Christine Reed on 03/13/2021

Steve Bethea 5 stars rating.

Paradise Lounge is a great little spot to hang out and have a few drinks. Eric one of the bartenders there is very friendly and provides good conversation when he's not busy. I also recommend trying some of their food their tacos are awesome and a great deal on Tuesdays and they have a turkey. Bacon avocado melt that is one of the best I've ever had.. they have an ami Jukebox free to play music and when nobody's dropping money in it they have their own good playlists to keep the music going.

Submitted by Steve Bethea on 06/04/2018