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Bubs at the Beach Reviews

Submitted by D M on 06/16/2022

d m 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Great wings! Had the buffalo garlic and spicy bbq. Surprised I liked the spicy bbq even more. Expensive but all wings are right now due to supply chain issues

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Ben Hebert 5 stars rating.

Bub's is a cool spot in downtown PB. I've been there multiple times, but i went there recently and enjoyed the whole experience. My server, Brittney, was 10/10 & very nice. Great ambiance and service was great????

Submitted by Ben Hebert on 09/06/2022

Jenny Lange 5 stars rating.

Food great as always. But what was even better was the consistent service from Andrea. She always has a small and never forgets to check in on her tables.

Hard to find not only good service but consistent service these days.

You must try their tater tots!

Submitted by Jenny Lange on 07/18/2022

Nick Losee 5 stars rating.

Delicious wings, no doubt. Also a fun atmosphere for afternoon hang outs. Fun games for groups inside. Great waiting staff, attentive and good customer service.

Submitted by Nick Losee on 07/14/2022

Brad Benham 3 stars rating.

Wings are great, but they used to be twice the size for way less money. Love the wings but will probably never eat there again. 18.25 for ten small wings is ridiculous.

Submitted by Brad Benham on 06/12/2022

Darryl Gordon 5 stars rating.

We stopped by for dinner and few drinks on Monday - gotta say I loved the fun atmosphere, humorous approach, excellent and friendly service and great food. We got the steakums, some wings and a tater tots skillet as that what’s was recommended, and so pleased we did. We got 2 of the 21 wings they offer , and I absolutely want to go back to try more flavors. Steakums was cooked a perfect medium rare!!

Submitted by Darryl Gordon on 06/08/2022

James Gilbert 5 stars rating.

They grill their wings. Although we prefer ours fried, you may not. If you're looking for a different spin on chicken wings, try them out. Service was awesome! Never had an empty glass even though the beers were going down quick. Come try GIANT Connect 4.

Submitted by James Gilbert on 02/15/2022

Jerome Cooper 5 stars rating.

This place is a pacific beach staple. They have great wings and appetizers, and overall it’s a good environment. I highly recommend popping in for a quick bite or a beer during football season. Good times and some
Of the best wings around. Well worth checking out.

Submitted by Jerome Cooper on 01/13/2022

Erika 4 stars rating.

We finished our night of fun at Bub's for a couple more beers, appetizers and good conversation before we headed back to the condo for cards games and some more drinks. This was a great place to end our night. The street was hopping and we sat outside where the weather was perfect. Drinks, food and service was good and fast.

Submitted by Erika on 12/18/2021

Andra Counts 5 stars rating.

Bub's is one of our favorite places to go when we're in Pacific Beach. The staff is always so friendly and they all work together to make sure our needs are met. We always order the "steak ums" which are so delicious and so filling. The sweet potato tots are fantastic as well. Great place to hang with the family as well as do happy hour with friends. Love the atmosphere and look forward to our next Bub's trip!

Submitted by Andra Counts on 07/09/2021