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Deplanu Reviews

Submitted by Sebastiaan Ploos Van Amstel on 05/30/2022

sebastiaan ploos van amstel 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Had a lovely experience. Friendly staff and good food. Flexible in seating arrangement. Great wines and cheese!

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Marc Van der Schee 5 stars rating.

Amazing place which has food and service way above any expectations I had prior to entry. Staff went all out to pair our drinks (wine and specialty beers) with our meal. Would highly recommend the chefs menu; innovative and above all else delicious and surprising flavors. We’ll be back for more.

Submitted by Marc Van Der Schee on 08/19/2022

Sebastian Wessel 5 stars rating.

What a surprising pearl! Taste explosions and great wines - thanks for a fantastic evening!

Submitted by Sebastian Wessel on 07/27/2022

W. D. 5 stars rating.

Fantastic culinary experience. Marvelous wine and dish combos. Highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who enjoys a fine dining experience.

Submitted by W. D. on 05/13/2022

Twilo101 3 stars rating.

The food here is absolutely superb in quality, with locally sourced ingredients and refined taste. If you want a unique experience in taste, texture and dining, then stop reading this review and go here.

However, the most glaring issue is that the service is atrociously slow. It took nearly an hour between every dish (about the size of a starter, mind you, which is not a problem when it comes to taste, but lacks when it comes to satiating hunger), all the while being asked if we would like something else to drink. Only when our table informed the waiter that we would have to leave eventually did service speed up.

Submitted by Twilo101 on 05/08/2022

Wouter Blok 5 stars rating.

Hidden gem! Venture out of the center to discover the creative master mind in the kitchen of Deplanu. We visited with a party of 8 friends that enjoy fine dining. The menu the chef selected was served on beautifully decorated dishes with surprising combinations of flavors. Hamachi with an impressive amount of ingredients, rabbit tender as I've never tasted before and a dessert including chocolate and blue cheese.

Submitted by Wouter Blok on 04/20/2022

Adel Naamneh 5 stars rating.

Today we visited Deplanu, my friend said that it’s one of her best places in Haarlem- and that I would enjoy it. - and my oh my, how much we enjoyed it! We had asked the chef (my friend’s friend) to surprise us - and each dish was just divine.

Deplanu has a changing menu based on the local resources from the farms around Haarlem. The menu changes very frequently, the combinations are amazing- after each dish, you keep wanting more.

Each of the dishes today included all elements of food: fish, meat, poultry, dairy, vegetables and nuts.

In the menu we had (I believe only 2 were actually on the menu) - the chef’s brilliant mind and creativity got him to prepare dishes with inobvious ingredients that came all together along nicely- giving that umami taste.

The food is Michelin star worthy. The value for money at Deplanu is incredible, and I personally believe they should charge more for this amazing quality (at least 25% more!!)

The downside today was the wine- although we had a great wine, it was the only wine on the menu that seemed good. I would hope that Deplanu can work on getting better wines and more selection of wines that at least hit a 4+ rating on Vivino and start working on wine pairings for the menus to accompany the food.

Overall the service was absolutely excellent, despite not having a single table empty - fully fully booked- I think from the number of people in the restaurant, the chef served over 150 dishes an hour. Chapeaux!

If you haven’t been to Haarlem, it’s about time you discover this little hidden gem. You won’t regret it! ❤️ thank you Sandra for introducing me to Deplanu.

Submitted by Adel Naamneh on 04/07/2022

joystick overdrive 5 stars rating.

The quality of the ingredients is top notch and the bar has an great assortment.
The people working there are in my opinion amazing.

Deplanu is delicious dining brought to you by people passionate about their craft.

Submitted by Joystick Overdrive on 01/25/2022

Noortje Bank 5 stars rating.

We heard about this place as a new restaurant that serves food of a higher standard but for an honest price and that was very much true! Some of the remarks in other reviews weren’t true for us last night - Our QR codes were scanned at the door, the waiter was attentive and we got our drinks and food on time without having to wait long at all! There was a minor hiccup with the amount of menus because they didn’t have enough food menus yet but that was more funny than problematic and once we ordered, we got delicious food with very special flavours and the portions were really generous for the price. We sat next to the kitchen and we could see what the chefs were doing which was great bc we got to see how they were preparing the food, and this made for some inspiring entertainment. Overall we had a very pleasant evening and it’s definitely a great add to the area!

Submitted by Noortje Bank on 11/01/2021

Marina Dominguez 5 stars rating.

Such a gret place! Finally something different in Haarlem. An international menu, really good wines, changing menu and local ingredients.
Good to have a restaurant like this in Haarlem North, where there is almost not a place to have dinner. The staff was lovely and the atmosphere was cozy. Will come back! :-)

Submitted by Marina Dominguez on 10/30/2021