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Shake Shack Madison Square Park Reviews

Submitted by Wojtek Bednarzak on 08/25/2022

Wojtek Bednarzak 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Amazing food. It was tasty and the service was relatively quick given the popularity.

The presentation could be a bit improved

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Faye 5 stars rating.

The BEST fries I have had in my life!!! Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, melt in your mouth goodness! A must-try! Delicious burgers, fries and drinks. I ???? recommend this place! Order online to avoid the lines :)

Submitted by Faye on 09/06/2022

Adam Bates 1 stars rating.

Food is good but management doesn’t care what happens very sloppy and crazy lines as the manager just stands out front looking around when asked why nobody is helping do the cashier he said it isn’t his problem

Submitted by Adam Bates on 08/25/2022

Luc Biddle (Nalu) 4 stars rating.

Enjoyed it very much, park atmosphere is great. Only thing I can complain about (there’s no such thing as perfect). Is that the burger was kinda just slapped together and although it tasted great it was not visually appealing, also the burger could have been a bit hotter.

Submitted by Luc Biddle (nalu) on 07/28/2022

Asima Arora 3 stars rating.

Great burgers and milkshakes
Line ups are crazy and the app wouldn't work to order ahead.
It's chaotic to pick up your order - no real sense of order or organization but that's part of the experience and appeal lol

Submitted by Asima Arora on 07/17/2022

Lee Loo 5 stars rating.

The best amongst the fastfood cheeseburgers in US I’ve tasted so far. The quality of meat is fresh and delicious. Look at those fresh greens ❤️

Submitted by Lee Loo on 07/11/2022

Michelle 3 stars rating.

Quick review- if you order a float, ask for more ice cream! I feel like I bought an extra large Fanta with half of a scoop of ice cream. Coming from the Midwest, I was expecting a cup of ice cream with Fanta more or less on the side.

Submitted by Michelle on 06/25/2022

Ethan Jackson 5 stars rating.

We love shake shack! Best burgers money can buy. We ordered some chicken bites, fries and shakes at this location while staying at the NY Edition. Delicious as always and it was fun visiting the original location.

Submitted by Ethan Jackson on 06/21/2022

Matthew Field 5 stars rating.

The original and best!

Shake Shack is one of the finest dining locations in NYC. Great food, freshly prepared and cooked for you by friendly and cheerful people. Then, you collect your food and eat in beautiful surroundings.

Needless to say, the food was delicious and cooked to perfection.

Eating a burger and fries in a beautiful park in the shadow of one of the most beautiful buildings in the world? An experience like no other.

It is a New York City Experience that you need to do at least once.

Submitted by Matthew Field on 06/15/2022

Shivaprasad K 5 stars rating.

NY tour is not complete without a visit to the Madison park and the open air dinner at Shak Shack.

Variety of burgers, fries and milk shake. One can visit without much pre-plan.

Submitted by Shivaprasad K on 06/05/2022

Shirin Montebare 5 stars rating.

what can I say except if you came to NYC and didn't visit the Shake Shack in Madison ave then you didn't complete your list of must try places in NYC. 100 million % recommend this place. you can also order online if you want to avoid the lineup. Delicious burgers, fries and Milk Shake.

Submitted by Shirin Montebare on 04/21/2022

Chris Down 5 stars rating.

Coming here is definitely one of my favorite Shake Shack experiences. Nothing really compares to grabbing a burger and some cheese fries on a summer day and sitting in the park to eat. It can be a bit pricey, but I think the food is worth it. Definitely worth coming to this one if you're in NYC. The line can definitely get pretty long during peak hours though!

Submitted by Chris Down on 04/08/2022

Philip Haas 4 stars rating.

Pretty solid for the price. Disappointed they use crinkle fries, which I don’t think are great. Nice place to people watch and hangout in the park.

Submitted by Philip Haas on 11/10/2021

Danielle Veluz 3 stars rating.

Amazing place to spend the afternoon at the park, just as long as you don't mind soggy burgers and undercooked fries. I can't believe I'm saying this about a shake shack but please enjoy it anywhere else but this location

Submitted by Danielle Veluz on 10/22/2021

georgem1989 4 stars rating.

The burgers are rather small but juicy and tasty. The fries are mediocre. Service was great though and the staff was friendly and helpful!

Submitted by Georgem1989 on 09/27/2021

Ruwan J. 5 stars rating.

few things are more iconic, touristy, and “basic” (in a good way) as eating a single Shack Burger in Madison Square Park. Shake Shake in the park is a must for tourists—and a must for locals at least once. anything less than enjoying a full burger at the original location is grounds for being booted from NYC! lol

let me tell you…the cheeseburger is deliciously consistent at the OG location—despite the droves of tourists and the never-ending lines. Shake Shack serves up a consistently tasty cheeseburger. The burger is tasty and cooked well—possessing layers of flavor from the cheese, the single patty, the lettuce & tomatoes, and the bun. it is satisfying and totally worth having at least once. honestyly there is nothing like enjoying a burger on a sunny day in the park. waiting on line for it is part of the experience, drives the hunger, and amplifies the deliciousness of that first burger bite. the cheeseburger is about $6-$7 with tax. and there is a variety of savory eats and sweet treats on menu beyond burgers.

if you want to cut down your wait time, you can always order your food via the app and cut the lines. technology is your friend.

the staff is friendly and fast. they do their best to keep the lines and food moving.

Submitted by Ruwan J. on 09/09/2021

dulce carolina 5 stars rating.

This shake shack is very unique! I love the service here. The food is also great, you can spend quite a bit but honestly it’s worth it. The food is delicious and I’ve never tasted such burger. Not only is the food amazing but so is the place. It’s in madison square park so you bet it’s beautiful. The view is aesthetically pleasing as you gobble down those fries. Definitely recommend, such a nice place to bring friends for brunch.

Submitted by Dulce Carolina on 08/11/2021

Gali orian 5 stars rating.

Awesome place if you want to eat a good meal without spending a lot of money. The food is really good, the burger is a little small but If you order fries and shake it’s not really important. I’ll especially recommend the cheese fries, it is absolutely great.

Submitted by Gali Orian on 08/03/2021

Maria Vaughn 4 stars rating.

Great burger could use a little more lettuce. Bacon cheese fries are great. Shakes are good. We ordered plain cheeseburgers for kids they were good, a bit crispy on edges.

Submitted by Maria Vaughn on 07/26/2021

Kay Pepper 5 stars rating.

This Shake Shack has an amazing location in the middle of the park. A high traffic area where you know its going to be crowded. Service is good and they do their best, there is minimal wait considering the amount of peiple there, so I feel its fast for what it is.

The fries and shake were good, nothing special and I didn't get anything else. Its a nice place to get quick eat and chat with your friends sitting in the park, I feel thats a much better reason to eat at this location.

Submitted by Kay Pepper on 07/21/2021