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Le Bernardin Reviews

Submitted by G S on 05/22/2022

G S 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

We had an amazing dinner here and we have wanted to visit this place for awhile now. The food was delicious and my husband has been raving about the octopus ans pork belly since he had it. I loved the scallop dish and hiramasa was perfectly cooked. For dessert we had the milk chocolate hazelnut and caramel which we were both rich and perfect to end the meal. Would definitely be back when we're back in town.

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Christine Kim 4 stars rating.

We did the four course prix fixe menu ($195) for dinner and I had the scallop, lobster, red snapper and the pistachio praline. There were some snacks at the beginning (oyster, scallop and broth) which were good. The food overall was fresh and tasty. The service was polite but they never went out of their way. My friends entree was incorrectly served (waitress' mistake) but they still took their time to bring it out and barely apologised. I've been to many Michelin star restaurants and for this price range and level, you definitely expect a higher level of service. The atmosphere in general is not my vibe as it's more corporate/business like but that's just my personal preference.

Submitted by Christine Kim on 09/08/2022

Charlotte L 2 stars rating.

Honestly this restaurant is overrated and mediocre. Definitely not worth the price. There are way better Michelin restaurant or even Michelin guide restaurant at a more reasonable price. The service was great, no complaints. Appetizers were great but once we got to the main dish it got wack. It was not good. Very meh. Was warned by other friends about the mediocrity but needed to try it myself. It felt like people only like this restaurant because they feel like they have to like it. Nah, skip it.

Submitted by Charlotte L on 08/29/2022

Paola Robles Gil 4 stars rating.

It was very good, but I was expecting the extra mile from a three Michelin star restaurant.
Minor details that shouldn't be missed in a restaurant like this.
For example, the time between the first and second course was too long (over 15 minutes in a 4 course menu).
Also, I expected the ambiance to be more low key. It was too noisy and bright.
Overall a very refined and delicate meal, but not the best I've had.

Submitted by Paola Robles Gil on 08/26/2022

Graciela Galípolo 5 stars rating.

I came here with my boyfriend. We had the 8 course tasting menu. It was delicious and the amount of food was perfect. The service was great too.

I was freezing the entire time, it was too cold because of too much AC! Still the staff didn’t mind bringing me something to cover up (3 layers!!!)
Also, stop it with the dressing code! We had to go home before coming here and change clothes, even though we were close by.

Besides from these aspects of the experience, the food itself was superb. If you have the opportunity, you must come!

Submitted by Graciela Galípolo on 08/25/2022

Austin Zielman 5 stars rating.

A world class experience at a world class restaurant, Le bernardin has certainly lived up to its long standing hype. We took a trip on the chef's tasting menu, and the eight courses were delicious, adventurous, and refined to the point of perfection. We all particularly enjoyed the caviar dish which was surprisingly well balanced, and agreed we wished we could get the apricot ice cream "palate cleanser" in pint format!

The wine list, while not extensive, was well curated for the menu, and reasonably priced.

Submitted by Austin Zielman on 08/13/2022

Cari Twitchell 5 stars rating.

I had one of the best culinary and services experiences in my life at Le Bernardin. The chef-chosen 8 course menu was exquisite in flavor and presentation, and the service by all staff exceeded all expectations. My thanks go to all who helped make this dining experience extraordinary.

Submitted by Cari Twitchell on 08/12/2022

Andrea M. (Venom N Roses) 5 stars rating.

The service was AMAZING! The attention to detail like no other — it’s just even the small things like opening the chair for you, waiting for you to get back before pouring another glass. The food and wine pairing was perfectly executed for sure — if you go for this option, just be ready for a little buzz. Pricing… you guessed it! We were a party of 2 and went for the chefs menu with wine pairing add-on which the bill came out to about $1,300 with taxes and tip included. Frankly, money well spent on an unforgettable experience.

Submitted by Andrea M. (venom N Roses) on 08/10/2022

Kaushik Ghosh 5 stars rating.

This restaurant is exceptional. Every single dish we had this evening was extremely flavorful and raised the bar on how sea food and fish should be. The salmon and Tasmanian sea trout were the highlights of the evening. The presentation of food is top notch. The servers are very courteous and go above and beyond to make sure you have a great dining experience

Submitted by Kaushik Ghosh on 08/04/2022

Jeffrey Tom 5 stars rating.

If you consider yourself a seafood lover, dining at Le Bernardin is a must! Can't recommend the Chef's Tasting enough. I won't wax poetic about every dish, but the overall quality & experience was phenomenal. The high quality ingredients, complex flavors & wonderful presentation really stood out from course-to-course, and for my party there wasn't a single dish that didn't delight. Personal favorites were the scallop-caviar, dover sole and langoustine; I will be dreaming about those flavors for a long time. The staff was informative, polite and extremely attentive, making the evening that much more enjoyable. Pro-tip: don't fill up on the bread, but definitely take advantage of it to soak up all that tasty sauce.

Submitted by Jeffrey Tom on 07/27/2022

Clare Na 5 stars rating.

Having a meal in Le Bernardin is always very special. All the dishes are art work. The seafood is always ever so wonderful. The staffs are highly knowledge about what they are serving. I asked about the dish and without a hesitation, they all answered my questions. I was very impressed. I made a reservation for an anniversary and they made our dinner so special and memorable. The only downside about the restaurant is that it’s hard to reserve a table. But it’s so worth it! If you want the very best, very top from NYC, then it’s Le Bernardin.

Submitted by Clare Na on 07/26/2022

Syril Tan 5 stars rating.

I really have no words. Not regretting my decision to have Le Bernardin as my 1st Michelin restaurant to try. The food is great and the staff is equally great as well. Will definitely come back for the chef's tasting menu on our next NYC visit. Truly a great end to our US trip.

Submitted by Syril Tan on 06/30/2022

J T 5 stars rating.

Honestly I am not sure if the food is worth the hype or the stars, but their service and dessert was AMAZING. Not super expensive, was great to try!

Submitted by J T on 06/19/2022

Chunglin Wen 5 stars rating.

2nd visit and therefore my 2nd review to the place. Not sure what happened to the original POI in Google Maps. The first time we were having the tasting menu. This time we try the four course prix fixe to have something different. Overall the food is beyond amazing. My impression is that Eric has great commands of various interesting combinations of flavors and textures. The thinly pounded tuna with foie gras is a classic. If there is a food museum decades later, this dish should probably be given a spot. (We had it in the first visit) tuna plus urchin sounds like what a cheesy nyc sushi place would do but Le Bernadin elevates it into a different level. Charred octopus and pork belly achieves a surprising level of harmony.

Sweetness and umani in the Shellfish Medley are delicate yet supreme. I visited a 2nd time for the salmon and it doesn’t disappoint. If I hear it correctly the salmon is originated from the Faroe Islands. It is barely cooked yet taste like salmon from a different planet. Rich in fat but doesn't feel boringly so. It is complex and delicate. The ginger and butter (and miso?) sauce certainly helps further elevate the dish. I usually dislike green peas but it is rich in dashi and goes well with the salmon so I still had it all.

Interestingly, the wine presented doesn't seem to be necessarily extravagant. Many of them are not AOC-classified. However, they are served in optimal condition and I can see that great thoughts have been put into the marriage of food and wine. I constrained myself to have two glasses of wine this time but I would certainly try paring each dish next time.

Service is friendly and attentive to great details. I have only a few nitpicks:
* The waitstaff is super quick in cleaning up the dishes. One could argue this may be perfect in efficiency but feels a bit rush for me.
* I was hoping the sommelier would explain options in greater details.
That said, I understand it's a busy evening. The operational complexity is also higher as the patrons have higher degree freedom of selections.

Overall a really satisfying experience. It puzzles me why the place only has an average 4.1 for now. It is certainly costly, but within other high-caliber fine dining restaurants in NYC, Le Bernardin will probably be my top recommendation if being asked.

Submitted by Chunglin Wen on 06/03/2022

yi su 5 stars rating.

No idea what happened to their reviews. The food there was absolutely tasty to me, probably because I’m a seafood person. We had the chef tasting menu and I have to say I loved all of them. The only complaint would be it is a really “business” type of restaurant, it felt like we were surrounded by many groups of investment bankers, really business vibes….The food is great though, worth coming again but I will probably choose weekends

Submitted by Yi Su on 05/24/2022

Matthew Smith 4 stars rating.

Was honestly expecting more from a formal 3 star Michelin restaurant. Overall no complaints but just not blown away by the food. The service was amazing.

Submitted by Matthew Smith on 04/29/2022

Bryan S 2 stars rating.

Firstly, it’s very odd that we only have 4 reviews thus far. People are obviously selecting the wrong place.

3 star Michelin extravaganza? Sadly it was not. Maybe it might be too cosy and familiar to be pushing boundaries like it should. So overall it didn’t deliver.

Great start with the tasting menu and paired wines. Tuna with foi gras toast. Delicious. Then caviar and mash potatoes. Wonderful. The rest of the dinner looked the part but fell short on taste.

Dining room is well lit and even though it’s huge, still seemed somewhat intimate. The service served without too much engagement.

Submitted by Bryan S on 04/19/2022

Miguel B 5 stars rating.

The ambience, the staff, the food...I don't know where to begin! Let me start saying that this review is based on a few times that I have the great pleasure to eat there. The entire dining is an experience, their wine selection is amazing , Aldo the Sommelier & Wine director help you select the best wine bases in your palate, so down to earth. Every time is a gorgeous experience! I want to thank Tomi, the directeur de salle for always been so helpful accommodating us and making miracles on last minute reservation… and maybe, maybe next time I can accomplish my dream and meet in person Chef Ripert.

Submitted by Miguel B on 02/24/2022

Mihai Dan Ispas 5 stars rating.

3 Michelin Stars for one of the beat restaurants in NYC. Everything it’s perfect - amazing service, fabulous food, and a very interesting wine list curated by one of the most professional sommelier in the world.

Submitted by Mihai Dan Ispas on 01/02/2022

Ke Hu (Kevin) 4 stars rating.

What I like best about this restaurant is its decor, environment, and service. The food is good and healthy. I ordered dover sole which is tasty and healthy, although IMO is salty. The oyster is awesome. Though they look small, but they are very tasty and pairs well with the white wine. The dessert looks creative and beautiful.

Submitted by Ke Hu (kevin) on 12/06/2021