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Amali NYC Reviews

Submitted by Hannah Rose Schonwald on 12/06/2021

Hannah Rose Schonwald 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Amali is absolutely delicious. Will definitely go back to try more dishes! The olive oil cake was just ok though. The bread and butter were delicious and beautiful.

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Sasha J 5 stars rating.

Visited while in town for a company dinner. We where seated in back privet room, it was a nice space but not very inviting. It was lit by skylight on half of the room other half was pretty dark with candles.

Service was amazing and very friendly, they did not allow an empty glass our entire meal. I was very impressed with the speed and Pace our food arrived, at times it’s hard for a kitchen to keep up with a large crowd.

The food was all very delicious! We had so many items I didn’t get to picture them all! But my stand outs where Hummus, Salmon Tartare & Sea Scallops. The Salmon Tartare was so exceptional I actually requested a second an they so kindly obliged.

Commode was very clean :)

Submitted by Sasha J on 07/06/2022

Sarah Hui 5 stars rating.

This is a small cozy italian restaurant in the upper east side, with the dining room split into a front and back section so you feel even cozier. The food was good - standouts are whipped feta, the octopus, and the cavatelli with duck ragu. Pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and portions were huge, so I had enough for leftovers and they tasted great the next day too. The branzino dish was HUGE and enough for 4 people (assuming they ate apps and had sides). The vibe here is “family friendly”

Submitted by Sarah Hui on 05/11/2022

Emily Elizabeth 1 stars rating.

Restaurant was extremely loud and busy. The atmosphere was vibrant but it was also too hard to have a conversation with my fellow diners. It made it hard for ordering also, and the wrong beverage was delivered. The service was really good but was rushed as there were so many diners and definitely not enough staff. The starter of the bread and feta was tasty. The waiters kept bringing extra bread which was kind of them. My main annoyance was that the main courses took over an hour to arrive. When they did, a couple were lukewarm rather than hot. There was also a hair in one of the dishes. Also, we mentioned to the staff that we were vegetarian and they did not forewarn us that the cauliflower side was roasted in fish sauce, which led to stomach upset. The broccoli side was nice, the spaghetti, and ancient grain salad.

Submitted by Emily Elizabeth on 05/01/2022

Sahil Shah 4 stars rating.

Chill but classy vibes, great wine selection, elevated custom cocktails, and friendly service. Food was mostly good but their were some misses.

Submitted by Sahil Shah on 04/23/2022

Uyen Nguyen 4 stars rating.

It's the last week of Winter Restaurant Week in NYC! This place has delicious Mediterranean food, but the price is pretty high. We love the appetizers. Both dishes come with this tasty fried flat bread. The hummus is smooth and tastes great. The mushroom is cut into small pieces and is well-seasoned. The scallop main dish is okay; the portion is kinda small for the price we pay. Duck sausage pasta portion is pretty big compared to the scallop dish. There is no dessert included in RW menu, which is kinda a bummer.
Overall, food is amazing, I just don't think it is worth the price we paid. So if you don't have a budget, or want to do something fancy, highly recommend.

Submitted by Uyen Nguyen on 02/11/2022

Shachar Ashkenazi 5 stars rating.

The food was absolutely special and delicious.

The staff were friendly, professional and helpful.

All the dishes we tried were delicious, but we especially enjoyed the quinoa crusted duck which was simply mind blowing.

We will definitely come back to Amali, it was a perfect dinner.

Submitted by Shachar Ashkenazi on 01/15/2022

Sabrina Gambone 5 stars rating.

I was there a couple of nights ago with two friends! We had gem lettuce, the winter hummus and the octopus as appetizers, ravioli , Dover sole as entree! Everything was delicious, very good food and very professional service. Amazing wine selection and very fancy cocktails! Can’t wait to go back

Submitted by Sabrina Gambone on 01/11/2022

Amy 5 stars rating.

Hands done one of my favorite restaurants. Amazing food. We shared the salt baked flambé fish. The mezzo platter was so yummy. Nice fresh variety and a bit more modern rendition of some classic dips. Very extensive wine menu. Great seasonal cocktails.

Submitted by Amy on 12/12/2021

Hana T 4 stars rating.

The table turning speed is a little bit slow considering we were seated at least 15 min late for our 8 pm reservation, but they did offer complimentary drinks to us as courtesy.

Also, I can't really blame them for not having table ready for the next round of guest, it is a really nice environment for dining, and I can see people having good conversations who don't want to leave.

Food wise, the main reason I decided to leave a review, is amazing.
My boyfriend and I enjoyed the meal from start to end, server are familiar and knowledgeable with the ingredients which is good. Also took a little longer to wait from mezze to main dish but still worth the time. They are all absolutely delicious.
We tried spanish octopus, cavatelli, ravioli and broccoli ( huge fan of pine nuts)
All are great especially the raviolis.

Will return for food and service despited the waits.

Submitted by Hana T on 10/20/2021