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Alta Reviews

Submitted by Annie Wu on 02/09/2020

Annie Wu 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

This tapas place is hidden in the residential blocks and no visible signage out there. When we walked in, there a long walkway with the bar on the right hand side. A decent size of dining room and also a mezzanine for a few more tables. Two of us arrived early and ordered two cocktails while waiting for the group. We ordered 6 appetizers to share to begin with, fair portion size but food are delicious. We also ordered 3 entrees to share plus desserts. Decent prices and average $55 per person not including cocktails. Great place to date!

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Joseph Dinas 4 stars rating.

Great place! It's a hard place to see from the street, because there is no Alta sign in the door. They really really need one. Then when you go inside you walk past the bar, and the whole restaurant open up to 2 floors! Very unexpected! The food is good but only has small portions, but you pay for a larger portion size. The price of the bill goes up fast! Service is very good as well.

P.S. the staff told me that some of the info on this Google page isn't correct. Call this location first before you go or make a reservation.

Submitted by Joseph Dinas on 06/25/2022

Fi Erskine-Smith 5 stars rating.

I went to Alta back in 2016; and it was one of the most memorable meals of my life. I have tried unsuccessfully to create some of their dishes ever since… does anyone know if there is a cookbook coming out?!

Submitted by Fi Erskine-smith on 06/24/2022

Debbie Shultz 2 stars rating.

Really comfortable and beautiful space, but surprisingly just....not good. I've tried it so many times (I have a friend who loves it), and I've tried maybe 15 different dishes, and literally every one was no better than just "okay". Service was also weirdly rough. Nothing was a stand out, at all!

Submitted by Debbie Shultz on 04/29/2022

Brian F 5 stars rating.

Really good spot all around. Bartenders are quick and extremely knowledgeable. Service all around was fantastic. Food was really good.

I only question the tapas style of eating… not too fond of it myself but that’s only my opinion.

Submitted by Brian F on 04/10/2022

Brenda Hwang Schulz 3 stars rating.

Drinks were good. On paper, the food sounded good, but the flavors were dated. I don't think this place has changed much since it was cool pre 2010 when I was in college. Great crab pasta though. Stay away from the labne cheesecake, it is just not good.

Submitted by Brenda Hwang Schulz on 04/03/2022

Tess McComiskey 4 stars rating.

Went with my parents for dinner and we really enjoyed the food, particularly the paella -wow- and the Brussels sprouts. My parents didn’t love how dim the lighting was, but it did seem brighter at the lower level dining (we were upstairs). The place was buzzing with people and staff so the ambiance was fun and lively, and the staff clearly care about your experience. We had a total of 6 dishes and a dessert. They’re pretty pricy or else we would have ordered more, but we left with happy bellies.

Submitted by Tess Mccomiskey on 03/19/2022

Graham Gibbs 5 stars rating.

Each dish better than the last. Brussels sprouts are the most ordered dish for good reason.

Submitted by Graham Gibbs on 06/27/2021

Canh Tran 4 stars rating.

We had a group of 12 and ate everything on the menu. Many of the dishes are done very well. I really enjoyed Fried Hen of the woods, arugula, Brussel sprouts. The server was very kind. We came pretty late in the night and he was very accommodating and did not make us feel rushed at all.

Submitted by Canh Tran on 10/16/2019

A L 4 stars rating.

The food is creative and tasty, what could you want more? So we pretty much ordered the entire menu and it showed the depth of the food. However, the chef that was there who prepared the menu we had is no longer there, so there might be a variance in what's offered now compared to what's pictured. The service is pretty good, but the food is definitely something you want to repeat.

Although it's tapas style, you'll feel full by the end. The atmosphere is also boisterous so you can come here with a large group, but make a reservation or you might not get seated in reasonable time.

Submitted by A L on 04/21/2017