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Submitted by E Paul on 02/10/2020

E Paul 4 stars rating.

Overall Rating

Awesome food, you should definitely get all the cheese and charcuterie they offer. Food was on point, and their Old Fashion was delicious.

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Hamoon Ramezani Karegar 5 stars rating.

Delicious sandwich and duck fat fries! The best service and the most professional staff!

Submitted by Hamoon Ramezani Karegar on 09/16/2022

Daniel Guntermann 5 stars rating.

The waitstaff was very professional, attentive to any needs. The food was aesthetically pleasant and tasted great. Pricey and an auto 20% gratuity is the only detractors in my view.

Submitted by Daniel Guntermann on 06/26/2022

Fiona McPhee 4 stars rating.

Classy, quiet space for a good drink and nibbles. My chai infused Old Fashioned was perfectly balanced, my partner was happy with his Espresso Martini. Only thing letting it down was the breads on the charcuterie were on the stake side. I get it, things are kinda slow so stock may not be turning over as quickly. Still a delicious bite.

Submitted by Fiona Mcphee on 05/26/2022

Leah Lacher 3 stars rating.

The food was alright. I wouldn't say I loved it but I wouldn’t say I hated it. Overall it was expensive so I’m not sure I would return, but the meatballs were pretty good.

Submitted by Leah Lacher on 03/24/2022

Mark Tremel 5 stars rating.

Upscale. Friendly and casual in a very high end sort of way. Everything seems to be done exceedingly well but at the same time it is not a fancy place. For example, the pizza and beer I ordered were both really nicely done (service, presentation, quality etc) even though pizza and beer is not exactly fancy. Same with other orders like coffee or matcha (okay maybe matcha is fancy, haha) always done really well. I think my favorite thing was how easy they made it all feel.

Submitted by Mark Tremel on 12/14/2021

Michelle Foy 4 stars rating.

Located on the 4th floor of the Omni Hotel building just off the elevator. Very nice decor open and spacious. Hostess and staff very nice and service oriented. Met a friend for lunch and was seated by the large windows overlooking Michigan Ave which was nice. We started with deviled eggs which were a notch up with salmon on the tops. Creamy fresh and good flavor. You don’t see these on menus these days do it was a nice surprise. Another neat invention was the salmon BLT sandwich. I had the salmon topped garden salad which didn’t disappoint. Portion of salmon was very generous and cooked perfectly! Only thing I would say is it needed a little more dressing combined in the greens along with better portion of goat cheese. All in all it’s a very nice and surprising change up from the typical regular lunch selections and easily accessible downtown. Great for special occasions, groups or even a quick premium lunch.

Submitted by Michelle Foy on 11/14/2019

Madeline Coats 5 stars rating.

Great service, the staff members were all very nice. The food was good - we went to the buffet which had lots of fruit, fresh bread, honey, house-whipped cream cheese, omelet making station (the fact that they had egg whites made me super happy!), French toast, bacon, specialty sausage, and several other options. $28/person for the buffet. Yummy!

Submitted by Madeline Coats on 12/29/2018

Gabrielle Hicks 5 stars rating.

Everything we ate was fabulous! Our entrees ran $30 each but were very much worth every penny! Our service was on point and everyone was so nice! I'm honestly baffled as to why it wasn't packed when we were there (around 5pm on a Saturday)!

Submitted by Gabrielle Hicks on 06/16/2018

Narine Harut 5 stars rating.

I had amazing experience at this restaurant, place was cozy, beautifully designed, has bar, nice view through the big windows.
Delicious food and drinks, great customer service.

Submitted by Narine Harut on 02/22/2018