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Georgia peach oyster bar Reviews

Submitted by S H on 06/20/2021

S H 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I've never had oysters before but these ones are fantastic. They were so good that they didn't last long enough for a picture.

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Chasity Mcgee 1 stars rating.

Foods disgusting. Super racist. I expected it though. I don’t see how people could hold such hatred in their hearts. We should try to get this shut down

Submitted by Chasity Mcgee on 07/10/2022

TherealJariah Knight 1 stars rating.

First I just want to say that this experience was completely bizarre. I walked into the bar to get a simple pina colada. The bartender was extremely rude to me and yelled at me to “speak louder” when there was no one else in the facility. She then took a whip and whipped my cheek and called me a blackie. After she made my drink I went to a table to take my order. I ordered an Alfredo pasta. When the pasta came out, it was dry and brittle. I asked where the sauce is. She then took her foot out and grated it telling me that it would taste like cheese. When I asked for a tooth pick, she gave me a roach leg. I went to the bathroom in distress. When I opened the stall doors I realized that the roaches made the toilet bowl into a community pool for the other roach families. ????. Disgusted, I walked out, only to find the bartender standing right in front of me. She then said the words “rats, attack that blackie”. The next thing I know I’m being whipped from all sides by the staff. Little did I know that the staff were rats. I ran out the facility and ran to my car. Worst experience ever. Never recommend.

Submitted by Therealjariah Knight on 07/08/2022

M McKenzie 1 stars rating.

I rate this place a 1 star , when I first entered the bar there was a trail of roaches leading me to my table . Then a few hours later a man asked me what I wanted to order and I specifically said a cup of water and plain oysters. When he came out with my order he said "I made the water nice and warm for you" then proceeded to wink at me . He then told me he had to take a leak in my cup and that’s why the water was yellow and smelly . When I took a close look at the substance again there was a roach sipping out of it .Then when I picked up one of my oysters it was a bug on it. So I went to wash my hands but there was a roach in the sink so I went back to my seat .When I said i didn't want to eat there anymore he picked me up and threw me across the wall. I immediately rushed out to my car while the roaches from earlier laughed historically at me .I don't recommend coming here ! 1 star.

Submitted by M Mckenzie on 07/08/2022

Jean David 5 stars rating.

Food is amazing!!!! never had a bad meal there at all ,staff is awesome you feel like family...
Get the shrimp you won't be disappointed :)

Submitted by Jean David on 11/30/2021

Omni Wulf 5 stars rating.

Expect a dive.. but know that a Genius is cooking who uses only the finest fresh stuff. This man shucked the oysters right in front of me then cooked them to perfection. Having traveled this nation and tried alot. He is the best.

Submitted by Omni Wulf on 11/24/2021

Vivian Snyder 4 stars rating.

Nothing fancy about this place but the food is good good good! We had shrimp, scallops, frog legs, and oysters. The scallops were the best I've ever had. Was told seafood is fresh from the gulf and tasted like it. It was a little pricey but much cheaper than driving to the beach.

Submitted by Vivian Snyder on 07/02/2021

Earl Hodgin 5 stars rating.

Had the lemon pepper wings. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. The owner offered a baked oyster for me to try. I've never liked oysters but it was good. Servers are attentive.

Submitted by Earl Hodgin on 06/20/2021

Kendall Barnes 5 stars rating.

OMG this was fantastic ???? if you can find this place, it's amazing the best Osters I've ever had by far, I had the best time here then any restaurant I think I've ever been before , the atmosphere is amazing and the people are fantastic this is what everybody expects when they come to a restaurant thank you so much I will definitely be back again and again sincerely Kendall Barnes...

Submitted by Kendall Barnes on 05/02/2021

Stephen Knight 5 stars rating.

Been here several times. Pat the owner is great. The waitresses are awesome. These people saying things like cold food or roaches are absolutely lieing. Pat would absolutely NEVER serve anything like that. And someone said something about a waiter. I've never seen a waiter. They don't hire waiters. As for someone jumping up on tables. Thats insane. If the owner didn't send them flying it would only be because the regulars have already thrown them over the back deck

Submitted by Stephen Knight on 09/19/2020