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25 Degrees Reviews

Submitted by Niki Guillory on 08/13/2022

Niki Guillory 5 stars rating.

Overall Rating

I have nothing but praises! Great food, decent prices, excellent service. Jose was on point. Even during a pandemic, this place deserves 10 stars.
After a year, still have nothing but praises. Great atmosphere, great servers....love the vibe !!

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Kyle Cyr 5 stars rating.

Great location and solid burgers!

Popped in off of Hollywood Blvd and was surprised at how good the burger was (picture doesn't do it justice)

I did a build your own burger and used turkey burger. Delicious!

Service was friendly and the food came out fast.

Fries were lacking, but the burger more than made up for it.

Submitted by Kyle Cyr on 09/11/2022

Lola Balogun 3 stars rating.

This place was definitely just okay. The burger was alright. Not a fan of the truffle fries but the tater tots were good. They charge $2 for sauces each time. The service could have been better because the female who served us had attitude when we just had questions. They automatically add 18% gratuity!

Submitted by Lola Balogun on 06/30/2022

David Chin 1 stars rating.

Way over priced for very average burger, and price automatically added 18% tips, but service was very poor!!!! Very disappointed with food and service!

Submitted by David Chin on 06/10/2022

Jason Pitts 4 stars rating.

I thought the burger was just a little better than ok. It wasn't horrible, but not great. Definitely worth stopping by if you're staying in the hotel. I'd look at other better burger spots if looking for a great burger. The atmosphere and service were impeccable though. And it's convenient as I was a hotel guest.

Submitted by Jason Pitts on 05/28/2022

Nicholas Fulgencio 1 stars rating.

Where to start? $67 for two burgers and two half orders of french fries. I certainly don't mind paying more for a delicious meal, but this was ridiculous. One of the burgers, had a piece of the bun missing. My burger, the first picture below, had a fried egg that was beyond overcooked. The truffle parmesan fries are sitting in a pool of grease and are soggy. Lastly, this place requires vaccination cards to dine in. Oddly enough, they'll allow you to place a to-go order and stand there at the counter the whole time without a mask. To top off the experience, as I was leaving, the gentleman that was walking in was not asked for proof of vaccination and was seated promptly. If I hadn't just drove four hours from a different state and wasn't very hungry, I would have gone back to request a refund. Save your money and go to Five Guys or even McDonald's.

Submitted by Nicholas Fulgencio on 05/25/2022

Alex Zhang 4 stars rating.

This located on the bottom of the hotel share the same building I’m not sure if it’s part of the hotel but they share the bathroom in the hotel lobby.
I came for breakfast and there were plenty seats but they only let us sit on the bar table, an the couple behind us got seated on the table without reservation. And the server we have behind the bar is rude, I was asking a question he answered to me like I’m dumb.
I had the breakfast burger with Canadian bacon, it has a barely cooked egg on top so its very messy to eat. Be aware you will get egg yolk all over your hand. The burger doenst come with anything so you need to order a side.

Submitted by Alex Zhang on 05/14/2022

Sabrina Tan 5 stars rating.

One of the best burgers I have ever had!!!! I have traveled a lot and my husband loves burgers. The staffs (bartenders and waitresses) are wonderful, cheerful and happy!
Keep up the great job.
Definitely one of the star burger joints in Hollywood. Don’t miss it. We will be back.

Submitted by Sabrina Tan on 04/07/2022

Susan Williams 5 stars rating.

We dined here while staying at the fabulous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This little gem is located on the ground floor and has windows looking out on Hollywood Blvd. Had a delightful LA Street Dog with sweet potato fries and my daughter had a wonderful turkey burger. Great service and atmosphere, limited but delicious menu. Winner!

Submitted by Susan Williams on 12/21/2021

Loco Location Reviewer 2 stars rating.

Personally, I'm a big fan of salads and this salad was great on my scale. I ate the whole thing before we got the rest of our meal because it was so good. Their burgers, on the other hand, are a whole different story. They were already cold when we got them and our orders weren't even made right. We waited absolutely forever in a nearly empty lot and our server was not even truly listening to what we were saying. All the sodas we got had already lost their fizz and the ice had already melted.
So, in other words, the salad was the only good part of the meal. Going to In-N-Out and waiting in their life would've taken the same amount of time and I would've gotten a better burger. Definitely not one of the best burger places there is at all, do not agree with whoever is saying that.

Submitted by Loco Location Reviewer on 09/19/2021